Can’t wait to meet you! 

Are you looking to make an appointment? Lovely! Feel free to contact me through email: or via WhatsApp 0631582669. Keep in mind though: in order to secure your ‘spot’ a deposit of 20% is paid up front. Cancellations need to be made no later than five working days beforehand, by phone or email. Appointments can only be rescheduled once.
Make sure to go through the general info on PMU and after care provided beforehand in order to be fully informed.

After care instructions

By making an appointment you agree with our terms and conditions. 


Terms & conditions 

These terms and conditions apply to every treatment, offer and transaction between Powderbrows by Eva and the customer to whom Powderbrows by Eva has declared them to be applicable unless otherwise has been stated. 


Any cancellation needs to be made no later than five working days beforehand, by phone or through email. In case of non-compliance, Powderbrow by Eva will not be obliged to restitute the down payment. If a customer shows up over fifteen minutes late, Powderbrows by Eva will retain the right to refuse treatment and charge for the full amount. In case of any ‘force majeure’ neither party is required to abide by the latter. PowderBrows by Eva reserves the right to cancel any appointment within ten days of accepting without explanation. Any down payment will then be restituted within ten working days.

Leading up to the appointment Powderbrows by Eva will ask clients about relevant physical ailments, medicine use, work and downtime in order to assess any risks regarding the treatment and healing. It’s the client’s obligation to provide this information truthfully through the intake form and by signing a statement of consent. 

In some cases a health certificate issued by a doctor may be mandatory. 

If client fails to share medical conditions, medication use, or any info on relevant work and/or leisure activities that could affect the treatment and/or healing process, Powderbrows by Eva holds the right to refuse any treatment and restitution of the down payment. 

2. Pricing/Payment 

All treatment prices are clearly stated on the Powderbrows by Eva website. All prices are including VAT. Offers are valid for the duration stated. Client pays the outstanding amount by cash or payment request right after treatment. Payments in installments are not possible. If an appointment is missed without any valid reason Powderbrows by Eva will not restitute any down payments.

3. Older permanent make-up

Client is obliged to inform Eva in case of any previous PMU treatments. In many cases this prohibits any further treatment. If the client fails to inform Powderbrows by Eva beforehand the entire treatment will be charged.

4. Personal data and privacy 

Client provides all relevant info before the first treatment, while understanding the necessity to do so in order for Eva to provide the best possible treatment and to warrant the general terms and conditions. Confidential information is managed in abidance of all local privacy laws. Powderbrows by Eva will not sell or lease any of the obtained client data without the written consent of the client. 

Powderbrows by Eva has an obligation to maintain secrecy when it comes to any of the client’s information. Information is considered confidential if this has been shared by the customer or as the inherent result of its nature. 

5. Liability 

Powderbrows by Eva is not liable for any damage, of any kind, as a result of misinformation or the clients lack of full disclosure about any relevant physical ailments, medication, work or leisure times. Proving this information is essential to any treatment and its healing process. 

Powderbrows by Eva is not liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal belongings that are brought to the appointment. 

6. Complaints

Complaints need to be made as soon as possible through email:, after which responses can be expected within two weeks. 

7. Social media

Powderbrows by Eva will solely share before- and after photos for marketing purposes through Facebook and Instagram (@brows.byeva) with client’s written permission. 

8. Conduct 

Clients can be expected to behave properly, in line with any generally accepted standards. If the client fails to do so, despite warning, Powderbrows by Eva maintains the right to refuse the client. 

9. Cancellation 

Cancellation is possible up until five working days before the appointment. Appointments can be rescheduled once. If a client fails to cancel on time, any form of restitution expires. 

10. After care 

The powderbrow treatment provided by Powderbrows by Eva constitutes of two treatments. The second treatment takes place 6 to 8 weeks and is part of the entire treatment. Pricing solely applies to this entire treatment. It’s the client’s responsibility to schedule this second treatment. If clients fail to do so, or do so timely, Powderbrows by Eva retains the right to charge client for the full amount of the treatment. 

11. Collection policy 

In case the client doesn’t comply with its payment obligation, the client will receive one written reminder. If a client fails to meet its payment obligation once more, Powderbrows by Eva will be forced to hire a collection agency of which the costs will be charged to the client.